Top Things to Do in Cheltenham - A Complete Guide

Things to Do in Cheltenham

Cheltenham is an enchanting spa town in Gloucestershire, Britain, that mixes Regime energy, artistry, and grand scenes. It offers many advantages for families near the Cotswolds, including fun things to do in Cheltenham for adults. Cheltenham is dazzling and suits all interests, from history and nature to food. It offers many exercises for guests with 321 private hire.

Top Best Things to Do in Cheltenham

1. Discover the Regency Architecture

Cheltenham’s engineering is eminent for its Regime style. I should visit the beguiling town of Novo, known for its neoclassical engineering, white plaster, created iron overhangs, and excellent doorways. The Sovereign Inn, made in the mid-nineteenth hundred years, adds to the noteworthy appeal. Strolling along the Promenade, Montpellier Walk, and Lansdown Sickle want to return in time. The Pittville Siphon Room is another remarkable Regime milestone and includes fun things to do in Cheltenham.

2. Visit the Pittville Pump Room

The Pittville Pump Room was built between 1825 and 1830. It is a stunning tower, an excellent example of architecture, and has an appealing past. The structure’s design lodging the utility rooms reflect traditional standards, charged as a foundation of the recently evolved Pittville suburb and as Joseph Pitt’s home. One can attempt to taste the water from the first pump in the Spa and Look Building, enjoying the interior design. The pump room is the most stunning venue for strolling or snacking in the fresh air and belongs to Pittville Park.

3. Discover some of the parks and gardens around Cheltenham.

Cheltenham is fondly known as the Garden Town of England, and this metaphor might be accurate. The town has many beautiful parks and gardens, and the greenery provides enduring relief from the city’s busy pace.

a. Montpellier Gardens

Montpellier Gardens is an admirable park in the middle of the town with rich flowers, a café, and a band stage. It is an excellent place for strolling and sitting, appreciating the passers-by and events happening in the open yards.

b. Imperial Gardens

This extravagance is only a few minutes ‘walk from the Promenade and is famous for its florilegia and well-cared lawns. It is used annually during the Cheltenham Festival and other outdoor occasions.

c. Sandford Parks Lido

If you want to experience an outdoor swimming pool, Sandford Parks Lido, established in a marvelous and beautiful garden, might suit the bill. It is suitable for taking a break, especially during the hot months of the year.

4. Experience the Cheltenham Celebrations

Cheltenham has numerous attractions, and it is best known for its celebrations during the summer that draw in individuals from all over the world. These festivals present literature, music, science, and horse racing and are popular with people of varied religions.

a. Cheltenham Music Festival

Cheltenham Music Festival happens in July, and it has a relatively rich program that unites performances of various types of music, ranging from the classics to pop. Concerts are also performed in different parts of the town, like the Town Hall and the Pittville Pump Room.

b. Cheltenham Science Festival

It is a June event in which the top researchers and educators, specialists in various sciences, and exciting scientists share the wonders of the sciences. The festival’s spot scheme includes a selling exhibition in the form of a walk-in fair, a program of performances and lectures, and several creative workshops for children and adults.

5. Explore the Cotswolds

Its proximity to the Cotswolds means it is at a favorable start for one of Britain’s popular regions, the Cotswolds Area of Natural Beauty. The Cotswolds feature competent hilly landscapes, beautiful countryside villages, and impressive monuments.

a. Broadway

Broadway—one of the most picturesque villages of the Cotswolds—remains famous for its characteristic houses with warm honey-stone colors and appealing shops and cafes. The Broadway Tower is a magnificent folly house with many points to consider while visiting, including the striking view of the countryside.

b. Stow-on-the-Wold

Stow-on-the-Wold is a historic town with a famous shopping parade, an antique showcase, antique pubs, and St Edward’s Church. What you should do there: It is a great place to look for historical information and embrace the Cotswold region’s feel.

6. Enjoy Cheltenham’s Nightlife

Every town has a packed social life, and what is going on in Cheltenham is unique and diverse, including fun things to do for adults. It will be okay if you like to drink in an English pub’s quiet and reserved environment or are more attracted by an evening in a modern bar.

a. The Brewery Quarter

The Brewery Quarter is an area of Swindon town that comprises eating and drinking places, clubs, bars, restaurants, and a cinema. I knew it was the perfect “kick-off” for my evening—a meal and drinks in one sky-high venue.

b. The Cheltenham Playhouse

A play at the Cheltenham Playhouse is appropriate for some cultures that are going out. This community theatre allows the locals to watch plays and musicals and organizes comedy shows and live music.

c. Sandford Park Alehouse

Beer lovers should stop at The Sandford Park Alehouse Pub, an award-winning CAMRA pub that sells authentic real ales, craft beer, and ciders. It is a plus for those wanting to spend time with friends and have a cup of beer, which also comes with fun things to do in Cheltenham.

7. Take a Spa Day

This study discusses the pre-hospital management of patients with severe ED diagnoses in Cheltenham, a historic spa town in England. Various day spas and wellness centres offer treatments and services, including things to do in Cheltenham for young adults.

a. Chapel Spa

Chapel Spa provides services in ex-chapel and is the perfect place for one-day relaxation. Beauty treatments available include massage, which has different kinds of messages, like Swedish, Asian, and Balinese; facials, body wraps, and body scrubs; a hydrotherapy pool; and a sauna, also available at the spa.

b. Cowley Manor

If you want to try a body spa, you can do so at Cowley Manor near Cheltenham, which also counts among things to do in Cheltenham for young adults. Penhryn House has an impressive indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa, sauna, and studio. You can get a massage and choose from a world of treatments in a pleasant setting.

8. This company offers its customers the opportunity to attend a performance of one of the popular genres at The Everyman Theatre.

The Everyman Theater is arranged in Cheltenham. A respected venue has different dramatic exhibitions, like plays, comedies, musicals, and dramas. By and large and compositionally, the assembly room, worked in the Victorian style, looks extremely satisfying and considers better crowd cooperation during live shows.

9. The birthplace museum dedicated to Gustav Holst is relatively nearby and is a short walk from here.

For those keen on music, particularly the synthesis of Gustav Holst, visit the Holst Origination Gallery in Cheltenham, where this author is from. The gallery offers a Victorian porch house tour, showcasing rooms filled with Victorian furniture and the writer’s belongings. It also displays instruments and scores of Holst and other composers familiar to him.

10. Enjoy Outdoor Activities

The counseling atmosphere can be augmented by the numerous outdoor activities available throughout the town, such as hiking, cycling, golfing, and horse riding.

a. Cleeve Hill

Cleeve Hill is a godsend to those interested in vantage viewpoints and great routes since this is the highest point in the Cotswolds. They come to enjoy walking, spending leisure time on a picnic, or admiring the magnificent views.

b. Cheltenham Golf Club

Gamers can constantly take a round at Cheltenham, a Golf Club arranged on the inclines of Cleeve Slope. The course offers a decent, testing play area and alluring looks.

c. Horse Riding

Join a riding visit and investigate the Cotswolds, as it’s one of the most incredible approaches to capturing the region’s quintessence. A few neighborhood pens illustrate riding in the open country, and plans can be made for sightseers of various degrees of involvement.


Cheltenham is a vibrant example of a bustling British town, boasting well-planned structures, lush parks, lively festivals, and delicious cuisine. It is a must-visit for history and culture enthusiasts alike. Below is a Cheltenham itinerary list for one to two days, one week, or even if you are visiting Cheltenham for longer. As this attractive town promises to impress, people can enjoy many arts events, relaxed eateries, and incredible shopping here. And easily you can enjoy things to do in Cheltenham this weekend.


Q: What are the must-see attractions in Cheltenham?

A: Must-see attractions include the Pittville Pump Room, Montpellier Gardens, The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum, and Cheltenham Racecourse.

Q: What are some of the Cheltenham travel options?

A: In addition to the car and bus options, it is desirable to reach Cheltenham by train. The closest airport to the location is Birmingham Airport.

Q: As much as I have learned from my assessment, I would like to inquire whether Cheltenham has good parks.

A: Indeed, Montpellier Gardens, Pittville Park, and the Imperial Gardens are famous parks in the United Kingdom.

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